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An emphasis on quality, coherent use of language and precise knowledge of the specialised subject matter are fundamental issues in the translation process. That is why the linguistic validation service at Siens Translation includes the most stringent quality-management processes.

The linguistic validation service that Siens Translation offers its clients is a solution based on a control process intended to effectively meet the communication needs of our clients.

- Analysis and preparatory work

- Identifying the best linguists and experts for the subject concerned to evaluate the project

- Exhaustive, impartial assessment of the translation

- Back translation

- An impartial report on the quality of the translation, including categorising and classifying any mistakes

- Translating, revising and proofreading procedures for any changes needed

- Delivering the final validated version to the client

The linguistic validation service at Siens Translation involves the input of independent subject matter experts who have professional linguistic qualifications. This validation process not only ensures that the translation is technically correct, but also that its content complies with the legislation of the country in which the product is to be marketed.

If you would like to receive more information on our Linguistic Validation Service, please contact us.

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